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About Me


Christian and Marco Hietala of NightWish

If you believe in Astrology, I’m as pure a dual natured, communicative Gemini as you’ll ever find. I wouldn’t say I believe in it myself, but it’s creepy how often the ‘scopes turn out pretty darn accurate.

I’m from NH, but moved around a lot growing up…NY, FL, SC, NC, and now back to SC. I even did a semester abroad in Wales my Junior year of UNC Charlotte. I’ve been rich, poor, urban, rural, northern, southern… you name it and I’ve been there. As such, I can usually find something in common with nearly anyone…and I pride myself on that.

I love a good conversation on everything from the serious news of the day to just random joking around about the newest viral video on YouTube. I like sci-fi/fantasy books, movies, and television shows…but not to the exclusion of everything else in life. I love music and own everything from Beethoven to Chuck Berry to Fall Out Boy to Metallica. (If you’ve heard of Nightwish or Sonata Arctica I give you bonus points!)

I’m a huge Carolina Panthers football fan. I love concerts, festivals, sporting events, movies, etc…you know, fun things people do.  I love to travel, go to new restaurants, try the new micro-brew, see the sites, and just enjoy living.

I’m a Harrah’s Diamond player and a frequent visitor to Harrah’s Cherokee.  Absolutely love games of chance…within a budget!!

I’ve had some amazing adventures in my short life and I plan on having many more. I’ve driven in a Presidential motorcade, had dinner with foreign leaders, backpacked across the UK, and even hosted a radio talk show.

Unlike many people I know though, I’m still able to look at the world through childlike eyes. I see the wonder and amazement of even the simplest things and I enjoy letting my imagination wander. I know when to work hard and be serious, but I do have a fun side that still enjoys cartoons and Harry Potter books.

Cheers…and above all…enjoy life!


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