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Was Bowe Bergdahl a Deserter?

Jun 2, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Christian Hine, National  //  10 Comments

By now you have heard the story of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release from Taliban captivity.  This should be a feel good story, but layers keep unraveling. Nevermind the fact that President Obama has now seemingly changed US foreign policy to include negotiation with terrorists, but word is beginning to leak that Bergdahl himself isn’t just […]

Post Primary Depression: So You Lost, Now What?

May 14, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine, National  //  32 Comments

If you’ve ever felt the rush of emotions that having your team in the “big game” can bring, then you have an idea of what campaign season is like for political activists…with a few exceptions. Imagine if the Super Bowl lasted for eight months, the fans played the game, and neither side knew the score […]

FreedomWorks Visits Charlotte

Apr 30, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  1 Comment

Early voting began last week for the May 6 primary election and the Republican US Senate candidates are boxing it out in round one of what will likely be a two round fight.  Capitalizing on his support from the national FreedomWorks organization, Dr. Greg Brannon appeared at a rally sponsored by the group on Saturday […]

Cintra’s HOT Lanes a HOT Mess

Apr 23, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  5 Comments

As reported last week, the locally reviled HOT lane proposal on I-77 in North Mecklenburg and South Iredell is moving forward.  The NCDOT announced that Cintra Infraestructures, S.A, a Spanish firm specializing in transportation infrastructure, was the apparent winning bidder for the project. The press release for the NCDOT gave limited details, and to date […]

Rep. Robert Brawley: My Concerns About the Senate Race‏

Apr 21, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  32 Comments

*State Representative Robert Brawley from Iredell County circulated the following letter on Friday afternoon regarding the current Senate primary: Which Thom Tillis are you supporting? Republicans have a number of qualified leaders and the NC General Assembly has served North Carolina well. While I would like to thank Thom Tillis for the benefits he has […]

Local Political Calendar for The Week

Apr 21, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  No Comments

Hey PunditHouse readers! There are a lot of events for conservatives in Mecklenburg this week.  Figured I’d share my most recent CAUTION newsletter which outlines what you can participate in this week.  If you are interested in being added to the CAUTION mailing list, please visit our website at http://proceedwithcaution.us. If you have other events […]

NCDOT Announces Winning HOT Lane Bidder…Drivers Lose

Apr 11, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  14 Comments

Despite significant public opposition to the proposed construction of High Occupancy Toll lanes (HOT lanes) in Northern Mecklenburg and Southern Iredell Counties, the Department of Transportation announced today that it has accepted a bid for the project from Cintra Infrastructures. From the NCDOT Release: The N.C. Department of Transportation announces the apparent successful bidder for its first […]

CAUTION Urges Restraint on GoodSports Proposal

Apr 2, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  3 Comments

Group Continues Incentive Fight, Warns of Private Competitor to Facility   Charlotte, NC – April 2, 2014 – Common Americans United to Inspire OUR Nation (CAUTION) announced today that it is urging the Economic Development Committee of the Charlotte City Council to oppose continued negotiations with GoodSports, Inc at its April 3, 2014 meeting due to […]

Tillis Votes With MeckGOP to Silence Local Activists

Mar 30, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  44 Comments

At the Mecklenburg Republican Party Convention on Saturday, a rules change was presented and passed that essentially strips the local GOP of the ability to voice its opinion on issues. It was a move that solidifies in my mind that the Republican Party is dysfunctional and presiding over its own demise. Since this is an […]

Commissioner Bentley Outlines Changing Mecklenburg Demographics

Mar 28, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  3 Comments

County Commissioner Karen Bentley addressed the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans on March 25 at their monthly meeting.  Her presentation entitled “Demographic and population trends and their impact on voter registration” outlined the changing demographic situation of Mecklenburg County and how the county is losing population while becoming increasingly less affluent.  This 15 minute presentation is […]