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Thoughts on Speech

May 1, 2009   //   by Christian Hine   //   Christian Hine, Random Thoughts  //  No Comments

Our thoughts are what make us individuals, the smallest minority most in need of protection from the law. If you take our speech, you deny us the expression of our thoughts, and we have become slaves to your system. ~Written as a response to learning how some countries are attempting to ban language critical of […]

Specter Leaves GOP, Becomes a Democrat

Apr 28, 2009   //   by Christian Hine   //   Christian Hine, National  //  No Comments

Arlen Specter finally came out of the closet and announced his decision to join the Democrat Party. The yawns should be deafening given the no-brainer of this situation, however, the web is buzzing and twittering with folks from both sides singing either Conservative praise hymns or Liberal victory chants.

Why I’m a Republitarian…

Dec 25, 2008   //   by Christian Hine   //   Christian Hine, Random Thoughts  //  1 Comment

Pete Kaliner, veteran news reporter for 1110 WBT in Charlotte, NC, filled in for Tara Servatius on Wednesday night (almost a year ago…but now is the full time host!) with a topic of discussion that intrigued me. He spoke on the theory that the people of this nation are becoming more Libertarian in nature, but […]

The Basics…

Dec 25, 2008   //   by Christian Hine   //   Christian Hine, Music, Movies, and TV  //  No Comments

When it comes to music, I essentially love everything except for Rap/R&B and Country…even though some good songs exist in those genres as well. My favorite bands are of the harder variety, but with actual musicians who can play instruments and sing. Progressive metal incorporates a lot of complexity and some of my favorites even use full […]