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Mike Munger’s Speech to Charlotte Bastiat Society

Feb 28, 2013   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  1 Comment

The Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society held their February meeting last Wednesday uptown at the Dunhill Hotel. We gladly welcomed our speaker, Dr. Mike Munger, and he presented the lecture below on Bastiat’s “The Law” as well as additional background on Bastiat’s “Sophisms.” Dr. Munger needs no introduction to most of the readers here at PunditHouse, but he is currently the Director of the PPE program at Duke University and he was the N.C. Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor in 2008. Be sure to check out Dr. Munger on the EconTalk podcast w/Russ Roberts, on twitter – @mungowitz, as well as at his blog, http://mungowitzend.blogspot.com/

If you would like to sign up to receive meeting updates and other information about the Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society, please send an email to charlotte@bastiatsociety.com and follow us on twitter – @BastiatCLT. The date of the March meeting is TBD at this time.

~Eric Rowell

1 Comment

  • It’s one thing when po folks want the state to subsidize gas or takoveer healthcare, but I hear a lot of people who make >$80K saying it without any mention of altruism.Since the average HOUSEHOLD income is ~$40K, I’d guess any individual making over about $35K would actually be paying more for government sponsored gas, healthcare, etc.Some folks just seem to believe the government is a big collective annuity (which it could be), but unfortunately it’s much more like a mandatory savings account with a negative interest rate.

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