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NCDOT Admits Money is Available for Interstates

Sep 24, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, CAUTION, Christian Hine  //  8 Comments
HOT lanes, in real life.

HOT lanes, in real life.

Common Americans United to Inspire Our Nation (CAUTION) welcomed Kurt Naas of WidenI77 to this past Monday’s meeting to give the anti-HOT lane presentation his group has been sharing in contrast to the NCDOT’s and elected officials’ positions on the matter.

There has been news of late regarding roads funding including revelations that Governor McCrory is proposing a billion dollars worth of funding for rural roads paid for by taxpayer funded bonds.  There has also come to light that local municipalities will see an influx of dollars as a result of their support for toll projects.

Begging the question here…we have been told that HOT lanes are necessary to get projects moved along.  We have been told that the state is “oh so broke” and only HOT lanes can provide any semblance of relief for the next 20 years.

Now we see that this line of thinking is a flat out lie.

Not only is the governor willing to increase funding for general purpose lanes via bond sales, but according to Warren Cooksey, the Director of Outreach & Community Affairs for the NCDOT Division 10 (who attended the CAUTION meeting), the money for the local road funding (to the tune of upwards of 200 million dollars) would come off the top of the Highway Trust Fund.

Interesting that the Highway Trust Fund can not afford $150 million for general purpose lanes on I-77, but somehow it can afford that amount in “incentive money” for localities to accept the HOT lane disaster in the first place.

It is obvious there is a greater agenda at work here.

Thanks to Chuck Suter of ConstitutionalWar.org for filming the discussion with Cooksey.




  • I wish I was shocked. Ah, for those days when I trusted Republicans.

  • But if we spend that money on general purpose lanes, how do we build Exit 27? We’ve got to earn those donations from those Augustalee developers.

    Plus, we need to maintain congestion so that we can justify building the Red Line with that $1 Billion bond package.

  • Lost in that logic, Christian, is the fact that Thom Tillis accepted a $22,000 donation from the owners of land by a new exit, that will be paid for with the toll project, the day after the project was approved by the legislature. Our tax dollars at work to make the 1% even wealthier.

    • Zon – just like all the Democrats that voted to hand over the Big Cat & his band of multi-millionaires million$ from people that go to McDonalds & Bojangles.

      Cronyism and corruption exist in both Parties (see Patrick Cannon).

      • Now Dennis, you know in Zon’s mind Democrats do no wrong.

      • Not the same. And I’m not a Democrat. The difference was the money for Boa stadium was transparent and Jerry Richardson did not dole out campaign donations to get it. And the city got a commitment for the team to stay put for at least a decade. The City, and the State, will recoup its investment many times over. Not at all so for the back room dealings and campaign favors Thom Tillis got for an exit that isn’t needed.

        • Actually, the team was never in danger of leaving, nor would it, the “investment” will not in anyway be “recouped”, and Jerry Richardson and his wife donated $2,000 each to the Mitchell campaign for Mayor. Mitchell was chair of the City Council’s economic development committee and a hardcore pusher for the corporate welfare.

        • Zon – you forgot to leave a comment on this story while out on your daily troll.


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