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A Couple Action Items…

Jul 17, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  8 Comments

Hello friends!

I’m obviously more of an activist than a journalist, so I figured I’d share a couple items that my fellow activists might be interested in.

First, an invitation to a townhall meeting sponsored by WidenI77.org.

no tollsThink the signing of the first contract with Cintra made HOT lanes on I-77 a done deal? Think again!!

Join a multi-partisan coalition against HOT lanes at a Town Hall meeting sponsored by their primary opposition group WidenI77.org.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, July 24 at the Cornelius Townhall at 7pm.

Come learn about the current status of the lanes and what we can still do to stop them. We will have printed material, letters to Gov. McCrory to sign, static cling window stickers, and other movement related activity in store to help YOU defeat this horrible idea!

The event is free and open to the public. Please invite your friends! This isn’t just an issue for North Mecklenburg and South Iredell, these lanes are scheduled to appear all over NC…diminishing available road capacity for the benefit of a private, foreign, company.

The time is NOW to get involved!!

You can view the event by clicking HERE.

john rhodesAlso, you know that I believe in ballot access laws that make it easy for any citizen to run for office.  The more choices we have, the better off we are.

The open competition of ideas should not be frowned upon!

That said, former State Representative John Rhodes is seeking to be a write in candidate for the US Senate seat up for election in November.  It only take 500 signatures to qualify as a write-in candidate in North Carolina and I would encourage everyone to sign this form, get your friends and family to sign this form, and turn it into the County Board of Elections.  (All signatures must be for the same county.)

The form is available on the WriteinRhodes.org website.



  • I strongly disagree with a write in campaign!! A US Senator does very little by himself – even Ted Cruz. We MUST first replace dingy Harry and unfortunately for NC that means holding our nose and voting for Tilli$.

    • Jack,
      My belief is that everyone has the right to receive votes and be elected. Yes, it is an uphill battle for John, but if he wishes to compete, that should be an option for him.

      You are free to vote for whomever you think the best candidate is. I think it is a shame that the two parties have successfully convinced people that they are the only options. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Even if the GOP takes the Senate, nothing will change politically. Obama is still President and we won’t have a veto proof majority. I am more worried about empowering the establishment Republicans whose goal is to dismantle and make irrelevant the conservative movement from within. Look what they did to McDaniels in Mississippi. That is the leadership we can expect by empowering these folks. It damages our cause for truly limited government by killing the GOP brand and making us all hypocrites. I’ll have no part in helping bad Republicans who want to drive me out of politics win elections.

      • I know the background on Rhodes and agree. I’m pretty familiar with the Mississippi situation and IF the facts are in McDaniels favor (which I believe they are) the election should be overturned.
        My disagreement is with your statement “… nothing will change politically.” If you ever watched the TV series Sliders (or for that matter MANY time travel shows), you will know you can’t change circumstances and have the same outcome. A Republican Senate WILL have differences from a Democratic one. The last two years of a lame duck presidency can be the most dangerous and I fear that (at least right now) more than a Republican power grab.

        • I see, so you feel more comfortable with the Republicans eroding your liberties and freedoms than the Democrats eroding your liberties and freedoms. It appears Republicans are eroding your liberties and freedoms more quickly in their quest for power.

  • Anyone but Tillis. He will have my signature and maybe even my write-in vote.

    • Kay won’t sign your payroll check if you do something like that.

      • Which is precisely why I would support either Rhodes or Hagan. Tillis DOES sign checks for his supporters, 99% of which can’t vote for him.

        Stop breathing so much Duke Energy exhaust, it’s eating your brain. You walked right into that one.

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