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HOT Lane Protesters Request Action by Speaker

Oct 23, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  13 Comments

They lined up in a long row along the sidewalk of West Catawba Avenue in Cornelius last Saturday…over three dozen anti-HOT lane protesters demanding that Thom Tillis, the current State House Representative of Cornelius who is running for US Senate, listen to their complaints.  The protest was staged across the street from a campaign event Tillis was scheduled to speak to.

Tillis didn’t listen or acknowledge their presence.

The media did.  Two official film crews along with several citizen videographers captured parts of the protest on tape…or the digital equivalent thereof.

Here is Vince Winegardner of WidenI77 speaking to WCCB:

The support for the protesters as acknowledged via horn honks was tremendous.  A steady cacophony of beeps kept the protesters in good spirits for the hour and a half they waved signs and shared stories about how traffic has negatively impacted their lives.

Here is a random minute and a half video showcasing the support.  This was the norm throughout the event.

Here are some pictures from the event.

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  • Thom has already cashed the checks Cintra laundered through AFP. He doesn’t plan on representing anyone but them and their like-minded fellows. Maybe if one of the protesters had a Karl Rove disguise…

  • I know he’s an easy target as the current Senate candidate, but these anti-toll efforts become ineffective in my opinion when they try to place all the blame for I-77 project on Speaker Tillis and none on any other member of the legislature.

    • Speaker Tillis has been this project’s biggest cheerleader. His donors stand to make millions from it. And he’ll back the same things in the Senate if he’s elected. And everyone here knows it.

    • As Speaker of the House, he was uniquely in a position to influence this debate. He chose, for clearly false reasons, to take the pro HOT lane position and literally threaten and punish people who dared speak out against them.
      He never allowed dialogue with his own constituents…other than one ambush where the people going to raleigh to speak to their representative walked into a room full of staff and media…and everyone was allowed only one question with no rebuttal.
      The project is an inept idea on its own. A 50 year contract they are still trying to work the details out on as we point out more and more flaws. The point of the protest was to call attention to the lack of acknowledgement Tillis has provided to all of the raised concerns. He doesn’t care about his constituents now, just wait till he’s in DC. That idea repulses me.
      By the way…did you see that he supports Obamacare’s state medicaid expansion now? He is such a fraud. A corporatist, power hungry, fraud.
      And that’s my unbiased opinion. 🙂

      • Christian, are you saying Tillis is starting to act like a Democrat in power? Seems they’re all they same. Kind of like Hagan’s husband getting money from legislation she voted on. Or Jim Black or (insert name of politician here)

        None the less, I’ll vote for him because I don’t like Harry Reid.

        • Harry Reid and a split congress is much better for us right now for many reasons. Tillis and his backers are in an admitted war against the liberty and tea party movement. His victory will prove party trumps principles and embolden the progressive corporatist wing of the GOP. They will no longer see any reason to fear us or compromise with us.
          Further, unlike 1994 when the gop actually ran FOR something, giving them a mandate and forcing Clintons hand, this GOP crop of candidates has no vision other than “we aren’t democrats”. That might be enough to squeak out a victory, but it doesn’t provide any mandate. They won’t be able to pass anything worthwhile that Obama won’t veto…they will pass a bunch of junk just to prove how “effective” they are. The bad bills will once again damage the gop brand and help Hillary in 2016.
          Don’t fall for the Reid as boogie man line. We are better off with him right now long term.

      • Amen. Better said than I could.

        • Most things are better said than what exhales from your typical habitat.

          • Is that all you’ve got, Truck Boy? You would probably vote for Putin if he was running against a Democrat.

      • CH- wonder what his winning margin will be? Kay is sinking fast due to 1) her early support for keeping our borders open to Ebola carriers. 2) her families theft of stimulus funds 3) contrary to Hagan’s opinion most voters do not want their tax money going to Planned Parenthood. 4) backlash to a judge shoving gay marriage up our ass, even though it lost 60-40 by a vote of the people.

        Speaking of fraud CH, as Brannon settled with the investors he defrauded?

        • So basically this is a race to the bottom and NC and the country lose either way. Yikes. There are four better candidates running. I wish people would vote honestly and not just for jersey.

          • remember that funny way Barney Fife used to pronounce the word naive-

          • No, I don’t. Never really cared for that show. Either way, I’ve been called worse. I welcome it. I’m usually right and gloating, while juvenile, is fun.

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