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Political Shenanigans in Cabarrus County. What is Sen. Fletcher Hartsell Thinking?

Jun 30, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  2 Comments

Citizens of Cabarrus County are asked to contact all members of the North Carolina House of Representatives and respectfully request that they vote to “NOT CONCUR” with the senate version of HB1218 when it comes back to the house.  This matter will come up in the next scheduled session of the House which is Monday June 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

Continue reading this letter from the Cabarrus Conservative Alliance for more details…


So Cabarrus County Senator Fletcher Hartsell is at it again. He is attempting to pull another quick one on the citizens of the county.

Does anyone remember the political shenanigans involved with the Cab. Health Alliance Building and the Odell Community extra territorial annexation, all brought to you courtesy of “SPECIAL INTEREST” Senator Fletcher Hartsell ?

Well he’s up to his old tricks once again via political maneuvering to now change how elected representatives, in this case Cabarrus County Commission members take their duly elected seats.

Senator Hartsell is pushing through an amendment to a totally non applicable bill to “TEMPORARILY” seat two of the three newly elected commissioners before their terms actually begin by expanding the number of commissioners on the County Commission board to 7 members only till December then revert back to 5 thereafter.

Actual Bill language:

The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners is increased by two members from the effective date of this section through the first Monday in December of 2014.

Ms. Diane Honeycutt and Ms. Grace Mynatt are appointed to fill those two seats, and shall take the oath of office at the first regular meeting of the said Board of Commissioners following the effective date of this section.

This section is effective when it becomes law, and expires on the first Monday in December, of 2014.


This act is effective when it becomes law.”

All this is being done without any input from the voters, except for a certain select group of people who obviously have the ear of this Senator.

This causes one to ask what’s the motivation behind this?

Who’s spearheading the whole matter?

What are they planning to foist upon the voters between now and December that “can’t wait” for the newly elected Commissioners to take their seats at the proper time?

It seems as though the Cabarrus Jobs Now people are not satisfied telling out and out lies about sitting County Commissioners in order to get their “Political Operative” candidates elected. They have now gotten the ear and assistance of one proven “SPECIAL INTEREST” Senator Fletcher Hartsell and convinced him to make up SPECIAL new rules to fit their SPECIAL INTERESTS and get two of their “SPECIAL INTEREST Commissioners” seated early in direct opposition to NC General Statutes.

§ 153A – 26. Oath of office. {On the first Monday in December following each general election at which county officers
are elected, the persons who have been elected to county office in that election shall assemble at the regular meeting place of the board of commissioners. At that time each such officer shall take and subscribe the oath of office. }

These statutes provide for an orderly and timely transition of power and responsibilities. Our sitting Commissioners were elected(and in the case of one Appointed to complete the unexpired term) to serve the citizens until the “First Monday in December following each general election at which county officers are elected.”

Citizens of Cabarrus County are asked to contact all members of the North Carolina House of Representatives and respectfully request that they vote to “NOT CONCUR” with the senate version of HB1218 when it comes back to the house.

It’s time for the truly Conservative voices of Cabarrus County to tell the truth and speak out against the lies being propagated by Cabarrus Jobs Now and their “SPECIAL INTEREST CANDIDATES!”


OPPOSE House Bill 1218

Dear House Member,

Today was a landmark day. The Supreme Court announced its unanimous ruling that the Executive branch of the federal government overreached its power. Now we have the Legislative branch of our state government attempting to overreach its powers. The NC Senate passed Senate Bill 844 dictating that the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners add two (newly-elected) members to the board through December. The problem is this law only applies to one county, for a limited period of time, and contradicts current statutes governing the structure of the county board of commissioners.

General Statute 153A-34 states “…The structure and manner of election of the board of commissioners in each county shall remain as it is on February 1, 1974, until changed in accordance with law…”

General Statute 153A-60 states “The board of commissioners shall initiate any alteration in the structure of the board by adopting a resolution.”

General Statute 153A-61 states “A proposition to approve an alteration shall be printed on the ballot…”

Each of these statutes implies that it is the responsibility of the local board to propose changes and the right of the citizens of that county to adopt or reject those changes.

Although a few members of the house are appointed, the majority have been elected. Suppose that you ran for re-election and lost in the primary. Then suppose the U.S. Congress passed a law that said that the winner of the primary could immediately begin serving in the house since there is no opposition in the general election – but it only applies to your district! You may think that would be preposterous, but that is the effect this law would have on Cabarrus County. Do you really want to have on record that you endorse this type of legislation?

Ask yourselves, “What is the purpose of this law? Why is the legislature making a law that only applies to one county for six months?” There is no natural disaster. All current board members are active. The NC State Board of Elections has certified the results of our primary election. There is NO justification for not abiding by the current statutes. For these reasons, I respectfully request that you vote AGAINST House Bill 1218.



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