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Good Golly! Liberals Love Molly Spearman in SC!

Jun 23, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Christian Hine  //  No Comments

Despite the many benefits of living in South Carolina (ahem, cheaper gas, ahem), there remains a number of practices that I find just silly when it comes to local politics.  South Carolina gets it half right in not having it’s citizens register by Party affiliation, but it then continues to run elections in a partisan manner.

So basically, knowing the deck is stacked against them, any Democrat can simply run as a Republican.  Certainly this isn’t a rare occurrence in other states…people changing affiliation in order to run in a more friendly district. The kicker here is that anyone who shows up to vote in a primary can request either Party’s ballot!  This can lead to some interesting results as people cross Party lines to vote for “one of their own” in the primary of another Party.  We have that right now in the State Superintendent of Education race.

In tomorrow’s runoff election, the race is down to Sally Atwater and her opponent Molly Mitchell Spearman.  Apparently the tried and true method of determining the politics of a female remain true.  Never trust a woman with three names.  🙂  (That’s a joke, please do not harass us with critical email!)

The following information comes from South Carolina Club for Growth.  Please share this with any friends you have in SC before they vote tomorrow!

Good Golly!  

The Top 10 Reasons Liberals Love Molly Mitchell Spearman

  1. Birds of a Feather: Molly Spearman has consistently given financial contributions to liberal, big-spending Democrats including Inez Tenenbaum, Vince Sheheen, and Jim Rex.  95% of Spearman’s political contributions from 2004 have been to Democrats.
  2. Taxpayer Funded Lobbyist:  Molly Spearman is Executive Director of the SC Association of School Administratiors and lobbies for status-quo education special interests that are against conservative government on the taxpayer dime.  According to their Legislative Platform, “SCASA opposes legislation designed to subsidize K-12 private, religious, or home schools with public funds.  This opposition includes pilot programs such as vouchers and tax credits.”
  3. Molly Loves Bailouts:  Molly Spearman supports increased federal spending in South Carolina.  In 2009, Spearman sued the State and Gov. Mark Sanford, ultimately forcing the State to accept $700 million in federal stimulus.
  4. Once a Democrat:  A true “Republican in name only”, Spearman was a Democrat State Rep. from 1993-1995, witched to Republican until 1999 to win elections, and then she became Democrat Supt. Inez Tenenbaum’s top taxpayer-funded lobbyist for the SC Dept. Education from 1999-2004.  In 2006, Spearman was named as a Democrat heir-apparent for Tenenbaum’s position, as rumored by liberal insiders in the State Newspaper.
  5. Big Payday on Taxpayers’ Dime: Under Spearman’s leadership in 2009, SCASA received $29,070 in taxpayers’ dollars for “consulting services” from liberal Supt. Jim Rex’s Dept. of Education.  This was immediately following a taxpayer funded vacation for 800 state edu-crats hosted by SCASA in Myrtle Beach, at a time when teachers were being furloughed and their salaries cut.
  6. Zero Transparency:  Spearman and taxpayer funded SCASA were sued for not turning over document s pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act even though, at the time, the organization was suing Governor Sanford over the acceptance of federal stimulus money.  SCASA is taxpayer funded and Attorney General Alan Wilson subsequently submitted a brief opposing Spearman’s case.
  7. She Likes Video Poker and Tax Hikes:  When Spearman was a State Rep. she said, “I don’t have any problem with video poker as long as we tax it heavily.”
  8. The Anti-School Choice Candidate:  in 2011, Spearman wrote an editorial in The State newspaper titled “SC can’t afford fool’s gold of private school subsidies.”  During the debate to allow for scholarship grant organizations, Spearman stated “…I’m so philosophically opposed to this idea.”
  9. Spearman Loves Common Core!:  Spearman lobbies for SCASA, a taxpayer funded organization who clearly supports Common Core as seen in the 2001 Legislative Platform.  At candidate forums Spearman said, “I know some folks believe Common Core should be replaced immediately.  The fact is you have to govern and we have many school districts, my own school district has already implemented common core…”
  10. She Can’t Be Trusted:  In an AP artical on June 27, 2011 entitled “SC school leaders want to seek federal money, ” Spearman said, “There are things you say in a campaign, but the picture opens up when you get in office.  You have to leave the campaign behind.”

Vote Against liberal Molly Spearman in the GOP runoff for SC Supt. of Education on Tuesday, June 24!!

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