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WidenI77 Presentation in Mooresville

Sep 10, 2014   //   by Christian Hine   //   Carolinas, Char-Meck Beat, Christian Hine  //  2 Comments

Last night, September 9, 2014, the WidenI77 team took their information to Mooresville, NC and presented their side of the HOT lane story to an eager crowd of about 160.  Here is the video of the presentation, with a focus on the slideshow this time to make it easier to follow.

As we approach the fourth quarter and the looming financial close of this project’s contract, continuing to reach out to elected officials is important, but reality is it will probably take legal efforts and an injunction to delay this project the necessary short amount of time needed for I77 to be officially ranked under the new transportation mobility plan.  Six months wait is worth it if it saves us from a 50 year contract guaranteed to continue congestion.

You can make a donation at WidenI77.org.


  • Was Thom Tillis there? Guessing not.

    • Haha. Nope.
      However, transportation committee chairman Bill Brawley and former Charlotte City Council member now NCDOT communications guy Warren Cooksey were. Two otherwise intelligent people who are just so wrong on so many issues. At this point both just so caught up in their support of HOT lanes that facts and public opinion don’t matter to either.

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